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3 ways to fix your site security problems

3 ways to fix your site security problems Having proper security in place on construction sites is essential, to ensure you protect your valuable assets. Construction sites that are not secured adequately can be left open to theft, causing headaches and costly project...

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Do you need an aerosol storage cage?

Aerosol storage cages: when do you need one? Aerosol cans are widely used in the construction and infrastructure sectors, particularly for delivering paints, lubricants, adhesives, degreasers and even the humble insect spray. Spray cans use a propellant such as...

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What to look for in a crowd control fence

What to look for when buying a crowd control fence Crowd control fences or barriers are a simple, cheap and effective solution for keeping people in designated areas and out of harm’s way. They are great for worksite safety, changed pedestrian routes during road...

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Hard hat expiry dates: Do safety helmets expire?

Hard hat expiry dates: when to replace your safety helmet All PPE that you wear or use at work has an ideal life span. This includes your hard hat and its expiry date will vary slightly according to how it is stored, used, the environment it is used in, chemicals or...

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